Starting Again

By | April 8, 2017

I decided to restart the Tech Blog again, this time with some new topics and ideas. With my move into Information Security, I’ve picked up new focuses of interest that include information security, cloud security, risk management, and threat protection. This segment of the tech industry has always been fascinating to me, mostly because of the changing nature of the world. But now I’m able to focus more on specific topics and dig into how they might have an impact on IT and individuals.

Of course, I still have my interest in payments and social media but that will probably play a lesser role moving forward. All three areas are quickly evolving in the tech industry today including some overlap between them. Payment security depends on good information security. Social hacking is often boosted by oversharing in social media. I think you see the theme.

What makes this world even more interesting is the infusion of new technologies like the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. I mean, you can’t talk about technology these days without dropping a few IoTs or AIs in the paragraph. But the past year has shown tremendous growth in both areas and each is having impact on information security, payments, and social media.

AI has really been improving the capabilities of information security due to the need to make sense of the massive amount of data needed for threat detection and prevention. Performing forensics on an indicator of compromise (IOC) can often take hours and sometimes days, depending on how deep the compromise might extend. AI is helping change that process.

So, let’s see if I can keep this going. I forgot how much work a blog really takes and fell off since moving back to Arkansas. It’s time to get settled back into a blogging routine.

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